Coromandel Coast

Coromandel Coast

Coromandel Coast is a socially responsible coffee roaster. We source shade-grown, specialty grade coffee from the ancient lands of India, and hand-roast them in small batches in the UK.

Our Story

Coromandel Coast - est. 2018. It all started with a great love (and respect) for India, the drive to preserve its rich cultural heritage and the urge to tell its untold story. Being aware of how unheard Indian coffee was, and how threatened and vulnerable coffee farming was by fast consumerism globally, we thought it was time coffee lovers started 'greening' their coffee habits by opting for shade-grown coffee, that is, coffee grown under the lush canopy of fruit and spice trees.

Our range of coffees are of the highest quality and have a rich, full-bodied taste with flavour notes of forest fruits, dark chocolate, toasted nuts and spices. We offer 4 single origins and 2 unique house blends in both whole and ground form.

Our consumers not only relate to our brand ethos of conscious and balanced living, they also find our coffees delectable and different to what's out there.

We are a Lilliputian business with big plans. We want to change how the world views and consumes coffee, and with every purchase you make, you help us achieve positive social and environmental impact.

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