Bringing a traditional South American taste to your table.

Our Story

The idea for Cantina was born when we met during our year studying in South America in 2010. While we attended the odd lecture, what mattered most to us was getting to know the real side of Latin life. Sure enough, we soon made friends from the world over by bonding over cervezas and asados (Spanish for barbecue).

South Americans take the meaning of barbecue to a whole new level. Forget the blackened bangers or the charred chicken skewer; we're talking succulent slabs of braised meats the size of a small horse and the oh-so-classic choripan (the latino sausage and bun). But it was the condiment of all condiments that really set our friendship alight - chimichurri. In typical British style, we began throwing it onto all manner of dishes - fish, pizzas, salads and sandwiches - the list goes on. Fast forward to 2016 and we had returned home. Bored of our jobs, we kept ourselves sane by overloading our friends and family with chimichurri twists on homemade dishes.

We've spent years - six to be precise - perfecting our chimichurri. We've tested it on friends and family a million times over, not to mention comparing it with virtually every chimi Buenos Aires has to offer.

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