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Botanicos offer unique, beautiful blends of fruits, herbs and spices, to make drinks special! Subtly enhance the flavour and aroma of your drinks at home, as well as making them much more Instagram-worthy. Designed for gin, but also delightful with a range of spirits, bubbly and soft drinks.

Our Story

The team behind Botanicos are friends and gin enthusiasts who had a great idea when holidaying together on the White Isle. Looking for a more sophisticated drinking experience, we loved the idea of customising our gin and tonic with beautiful botanicals, but were disappointed by the design of some and the price of many! Not only that, we felt there was potential to offer some fresh and exciting blends.

We worked hard to develop a range that offered some interesting twists on the norm. Beautiful, unusual - and most importantly - affordable! As our journey has continued we've enjoyed experimenting with our blends with other spirits, bubbly and even soft drinks - the 'special touch' Botanicos brings should not be limited just to gin lovers!

We hope you enjoy using our blends as much as we enjoyed developing them.

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