Bonbonco Makes Fine Chocolate Fabulous Fun. We take our inspiration from Mother Nature and dedicate ourselves to you.

Our Story

Here at Bonbonco HQ, we don’t think fine chocolate should mean boring. Bonbonco Makes Fine Chocolate Fabulous Fun. Our base is Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, UK, closer to France than England...and therein lies the tale.
We’re a quirky kind of Artisan Chocolatier, happily combining the finest chocolate and confiserie that money can buy. Our designs are totally influenced by Nature.

Our Founder/Creator has a French/Italian background and lives in a home where visitors are always welcome at the table. Bonbonco was born from this. Products are specifically designed to encourage people to come together, to laugh/create/devour with gusto!
Bonbonco is interactive Food Art. Our products travel really well.

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